My Favourite Posts ♥
My Favourite Posts ♥

i saw hell with my own eyes



do rappers just call each other like

"hey i’m makin a music video today you’re not in the song but do you want to be in the background smelling money or something" 



im gonna die w a boner i know it

die hard

Anonymous said: What's your workout regimen


- 20 squats
- 30 lunges
- 40 calf raises
- 50 second wall squat
- 100 jumping jacks
- 40 sumo squats
- 30 leg raises
- 20 squats
then for abs I do a thing where I hold one of my legs as close to the ground as I can without it touching for ten seconds, then I swap legs before doing both legs and I repeat that a few times
- 30 minutes on the exercise bike